budget 2018

Today's Budget should reverse cuts to work allowances and end the ongoing freeze which prevents various benefits from being increased annually in line with inflation
The five things you need to know about politics today
If hiring self-employed workers is helping big companies mitigate risk, shouldn’t the government be doing more to help rather than hinder the self-employed
This is one of the most important policies in the fight against poverty - more money would immediately help those who need it most
Labour leader warns of "national emergency" ahead of the Budget.
Women are seen to benefit from specific measures directed at them while the gendered impacts of mainstream policies around taxation, benefits, and public spending are not considered.
The root of our problems is as deeply boring as it is fundamentally important. The UK is not productive enough and we do not share wealth widely enough.
If the Government are serious about being on the side of working families, then now is the time to find ways to address the daily struggles they are having to manage
Current budget cuts are set to carry on into 2020.
As the Chancellor weighs up how to pay for a £20bn cash injection
A study funded by Big Tobacco claims Sars is losing R7-billion in excise duties to cheap cigarettes – but new players say ‘Look at what British multinational BAT SA exports in profits.’
If the VAT increase is to remain in place, pragmatism and social justice demands that this list is expanded to cover other essentials.
While South Africa faces a new dawn, the budget is surprisingly balanced and not overly ambitious.
"I think this Budget was largely about increasing taxes through indirect taxes."
Following South Africa’s first VAT increase in 25 years, HuffPost spoke to Deloitte SA and Pacsa to get a practical insight into what it means.