Budget Cuts

Life has already dealt families the hardest blow when a parent dies, leaving children behind. By removing this financial support to their remaining parent, which gave some degree of choice as to how to best support the remaining family, you have condemned people who are widowed after April 5th 2017 to an even more desperate future. And for that, you should be ashamed.
We hope that the government will use this period of review and reform to safeguard vital services for disabled people, and recognise that good quality social care is a vital lifeline to well over one million disabled and older people across the country. The Spring Budget certainly gave us some breathing space. Now we and the government must seize the opportunity to reform social care and truly make it fit for the future.
Social care is on the edge of a financial cliff, with years of cuts and under investment impacting on the stability of the sector and calling its long-term sustainability into question.
Despite its manifesto promises, the Conservative government, elected in 2015 on the promise that 'the amount of money following your child into school will be protected' is cutting funding for our children. At any moment in history, that would anger parents, but in the current political context it is reckless and shoddy.
At the heart of Britain's NHS and Social Care crisis is an increase in demand for services from our ageing population. The right housing models can play a critical part in preventing a cycle of demand from starting and allow older people to return to their own homes after treatment, thus freeing up NHS and social care resources.
Then I visited our local secondary school open day where I heard that, from September, the class sizes will increase because of the schools funding squeeze. I went away, did some research and began speaking to my friends about it.
I am painfully aware, as a Labour voter, of the pressure the party is under to be something new, to reincarnate under a messianic leader and to be a credible opposition to a government that has had very little contest in the time it has taken to sort out who's in charge at Labour HQ. But is this where the Labour Party is going?
Imagine an organisation that could advise parliament on improving human rights and monitor our national compliance with international treaties. An organisation that works across the public and private sectors to protect individuals from unequal treatment. An organisation empowered to take legal action to tackle discrimination wherever it occurs.
'Experiment in cruelty, divisiveness, instability and increased inequality.'
Unions have accused the government of “chilling callousness” over the tougher new benefit cap that comes into force today