budget speech

Cyril Ramaphosa joins a long list of presidents taking a cut in salary...
If the VAT increase is to remain in place, pragmatism and social justice demands that this list is expanded to cover other essentials.
While South Africa faces a new dawn, the budget is surprisingly balanced and not overly ambitious.
Also, according to Twitter, here are some other things VT may have written...
That fear unites South Africans – from economists, politicians, businesspeople, right- and left-wingers, to the common man.
"People thought that we were stupid; we don't know what we want. Now the very same people are celebrating free education."
The one percentage point increase in VAT has bigger repercussions than you might think.
Twitter users lament:"We can no longer afford beer."
Analysts warn that the country is not bridging the gap in its budget deficit fast enough, which may cause alarm among some ratings agencies.
This tool allows you to calculate your tax by yourself.