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I'm lucky. When you hear my story, you may not think of me as such, but I know I am. I'm 36 years old, and for 31 of those
My wife asked me recently why I run and couldn't think immediately of a logical reason. It's sometimes painful and quite
Jonny Benjamin, the award-winning mental health campaigner, vlogs on what it felt like when he found out he was getting an MBE, his achievements over the last year and what he wants 2017 to bring - including mental health education in schools.
Contemporary hip-hop is telling men that it is okay to feel vulnerable. It is telling men that it is okay to talk about feeling vulnerable. It is telling men that it is okay to be human. Hip-hop's challenge of masculinity is profoundly liberating, particularly for those feeling constricted or poisoned by toxic masculinity.
Despite progress in social attitudes, men are still taught they should be masculine, strong, able to protect themselves, and to do so without crying or showing 'weak' emotions. This can mean that when a man is the victim of sexual abuse, assault or rape, he is often blamed, shamed or disbelieved.
In a recent interview given to promote his new book, The Descent of Man, the artist Grayson Perry discusses a figure he identifies
The one thing I would like to change about my dad is 'his temper'. So said one eight year old in Donegal, Ireland. He was
The old saying goes "rugby is a game played by thugs, watched by gentlemen whereas football is a game played by gentlemen and watched by thugs". This is a terrible generalization but it is the notion of "thug" that underpins this blog.
bmm banner.jpg Pro-actively challenging limiting gender stereotypes through parenting and education from pre-school will help boys survive the limiting norms of masculinity that they're under immense pressure to conform to. Norms that stifle their expression, exploration and stamp out their rich and varied humanity.
Surviving that night in November was in many ways the start of my journey. I now want to do everything I can to help those who are too stuck in the mire to seek help themselves. Suicide is not the result of an incurable disease: it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.