The Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria are said to be home to the highest percentage of centenarians not only in Bulgaria
Only with effective measures in place to reduce exploitation of migrant workers, would debates at the coming general elections about migrant workers and effect of wages would be fair.
David Cameron's dogged attempts to slash net migration have been dealt another blow as official figures revealed that figure
It was a cloudy, spring day and my wife and I were sitting on a bench, waiting for the Regional Historical Museum to open its doors for the day. We were in Vratsa, a small town in northwestern Bulgaria, 2-hour's train journey north of Sofia.
With the pressure that the current immigration discourse is putting on Romanians and Bulgarians living in the UK, it wouldn't be surprising if the girl with the beautiful high cheekbones didn't take my friend's question as a genuine invitation to talk a bit about herself and as an opportunity to learn something about him.
Immigration may well prove to be the death knell of the EU as we know it. But if it is, it will not have been due to immigration itself but rather to Brussels' tone deaf, inflexible, and insensitive response to the issue. The matter is highly emotional and goes to the very heart of people's values, sense of fairness, cultural identity and social cohesion. Trying to counter that either with cold numerical and economic arguments or with dismissive insults of xenophobia is not only futile, it is grist to the mill for the political parties which have successfully made immigration their main platform and that seem on track to form the largest single grouping in the European Parliament after the May elections. But it's worse than that. The Brussels response will be constructed by many as being absolute proof of a type of Union they reject.
Eastern Europeans who feel ostracised by Nigel Farage are being targeted by the Lib Dems in the European Elections. The party
Just a few days ago 29million Romanians and Bulgarians gained the right to settle in any part of the European Union, including Britain and Ireland. Although there are fears many will make their way here, the impact is unlikely to be as significant as in 2004 when the UK opened its borders to people from eight new member states including Poland and Hungary...
Why are whites leaving diversity so much more than minorities? Counterurbanisation doesn't explain the pattern since working and lower-middle class white British opt for homogeneity more than their professional/managerial counterparts.
Our absolute focus must be on nurturing and fuelling this recovery based on lessons learnt from the past. Any distraction from a laser-sharp focus on recovery is at best a set-back and at worst a threat to sustaining the momentum necessary to get us, and keep us, out of danger.