Heaven knows, it's just about made ours. Yes, it turns out that it's not just children who enjoy playing peekaboo - it's
And who can blame little Sophie, here? We all loved doing this when we were young, right? (Warning: this video may melt your
This seems like quite a normal Funny YouTube Animal Video until... well, until the French bulldog opens its mouth. Because
"This is Winston our 4 year old Bulldog," writes YouTuber Albourne1944. "He came to us from Bulldog Rescue, a Bulldog welfare
Some English bulldogs send their owners texts. Other English bulldogs try to catch blue balloons. Yes, that purveyor of fine
This bulldog ended up resembling a pincushion after tangling with an angry porcupine. Unlucky Ella Mae got a face full of
You know what today needs, don't you? Some footage of a super-cute bulldog chasing a laser pointer around her house. And
Five bulldogs. One stick. One ball attached to said stick with a bit of string... Let battle commence! Jumping and snapping
Beautiful bulldogs, Iowa's annual bulldog pageant, saw English bulldog Tyson take home the reigning crown this year, with
Dogs are being bred, and repeatedly inbred, with known major health conditions and deformities. The animals with the greatest genetic purity are being used for breeding because the traits of specific breeds are then exaggerated - but it is often these traits that cause horrific suffering.
Meet English bulldogs Sylvester and Shirley. Just a couple of weeks old, they're currently being looked after by their breeders