I've heard many fellow students at university say they might consider remaining for an extra year in order to obtain a British passport, however the process is not so easy. Here is my take on the matter and a list of difficulties one would face...
Every foreign person living far from home has some reason to miss home, but for someone to sit and write a list of 66 - yes 66 - reasons he hates being in Brazil leaves me feeling rather incredulous. This is surely a hatred bordering on obsession?
I went to a meeting about autism the other day, its aim basically to improve services for people with autism.
Soho, as many of its residents will enthusiastically attest, is made what it is by its vibrant nightlife culture and thriving LGBT community. It would be counterproductive to have an overseeing institution which does not support this.
Teachers are "perplexed" at rules preventing them giving painkillers to pupils suffering headaches, MPs were told on Monday
Teachers should not spend unpaid overtime completing unnecessary paperwork, Schools Minister Nick Gibb announced on Monday