Naked Glory’s Quarter Pounders are just what you’re craving for dinner - with a meat free twist
Promotional feature from Naked Glory
Our favourite burger restaurants in the capital come recommended. What better way to celebrate National Burger Day 2019?
It’s time to rethink the humble burger.
Did you know that cows are the leading cause of deforestation?
You know vegan has become a monster food trend when you can pick up a dairy-free, meat-free, egg-free and in many cases gluten-free quick bite on pretty much any street corner. I'm not talking about high street fancy pants restaurants with incomprehensible menus. I mean the fun, fast, humble, finger-licking stuff from food trucks, pop-up cafes, market stalls, burger bars, and the like. Proper street food.
I love meat. I like my steak so rare that if it came still mooing I would be in seventh heaven. It's a running joke in my family: 'just knock off its horns and wipe its arse'. I take my burgers slightly more well done, but not overly so, I'd sooner chew on a hunk of leather than an overcooked patty.
We’re currently salivating over the mighty Yorkshire pudding burger. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of ogling the