buried alive

WARNING:This report features graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised. Indian police have reportedly arrested a man
It's truly the stuff of nightmares. A Greek woman is reported to have been accidentally buried alive after 'dying' of cancer
It’s the stuff of nightmares… A woman has claimed she was visiting a relative’s tomb in Brazil when an arm emerged from the
A teenage rape and murder suspect has been buried alive in the grave of his alleged victim. Villagers threw 17-year-old Santos
Two newborn puppies were found still breathing after they were plucked from from a shallow grave where they had been buried
A month-and-a-half old baby girl is recovering in hospital after her parents apparently tried to bury her alive. The child
A man who attempted to murder his girlfriend by burying her alive in a cardboard box was jailed for 20 years today. Marcin