Burj Khalifa

French climber Alain Robert climbed London’s Heron Tower without safety gear or a harness. Dubbed the French Spiderman, Robert has climbed, among others, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Empire State Building in New York City.
How fitting that the 2016-17 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, elevated by the sport's sensational Olympics debut in the summer, begins this week in Dubai, home of the world's highest building.
Two daredevils have set a new world record for base-jumping, plummeting headfirst off the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s
We all have a bucket list buried somewhere inside our heads. At least we all like to think we do. And, given the right set of circumstances, at some hopefully distant point in the future, out it'll come ready to be fulfilled.
These remarkable shots were taken atop China’s tallest buildings by ‘urban ninjas’ Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov. The
You may not know that one of the main limiting factors in how tall skyscrapers can be is not wind sway, foundation depth
Work on what will be world's tallest building will start in June - and will be finished just seven months later. This astounding
Three words: Don't. Look. Down! Yes, this was the amazing shot taken by photographer Joe McNally when he reached the top