Burning Man

A man who died after running into a fire at the Burning Man festival has been identified. Aaron Joel Mitchell rushed past
A 41-year-old man has died after running into a burning effigy at the annual Burning Man festival in the United States. Aaron
The last night they burned the 80 foot wooden Man. It began with a firework display that kicked the ass of anything I've ever seen or heard about. The sky was filled with lattices of electric sparks that went on for hours and then the effigy of the Man exploded to the crowd's howling while fire dancers went primitive.
So much to choose from - the fruit, donuts and balls sex exhibition party, naked pub crawls, kundalini cooking classes, the orgasmatron experience, slut Olympics, booty shines, workshops on how to turn your panties into a face mask, male stripping, spanking at Spankies and - my favorite - the strap-a-thon in Beavertown for women and transgender people only.
Love it, hate it, or don't give a sh*t about it. Here is our weird and wonderful guide of how to, and how not to do Burning Man, brought to you by BarChick's most dedicated Burning Man friends, fans and family.
One of the things that I have taken away from Burning Man, is that you don't have to be in the desert to make this way of living a reality. The Burning Man Project is doing some really cool global projects all year round.
From twerking on the West Holt stage with Major Lazer, to doing my best rave face with Skrillex backstage at Silver Hayes, my first Glastonbury was a pretty epic one. But it was Block 9 that I found offered the most immersive cultural experience thanks to founders Stephen Gallagher and Gideon Berger's musical creation of "complete temporary realities".
Summer is the time of year when people gather en mass to celebrate with music, dance, theatre and sometimes even bulls. These colourful celebrations are the perfect way to revel in the beauty of summer.
A chance encounter with a university reject who could sell sand to the peoples of Arabia, known in my industry as 'a promoter', led me incrementally into the world of festival organization. Its been a long trip (sometimes literally), and this opportunity to blog gives me a chance to recall some of the highlights and explain why festivals are less a job, more a crusade...