Ben McCabe was just four when a firework set his shirt alight.
Although great fun, fireworks are dangerous. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is undoubtably at a properly organised regulated firework display. If you are looking to host your own display, it is essential to plan and prepare in advance to ensure your evening is memorable for all the right reasons:
We wish her a speedy recovery.  Nisbet tweeted a link to an article about giant hogweed, suggesting her burns could’ve also
A company in New York is developing groundbreaking technology that could transform the way severe burns and scars are treated
Ahead of Bonfire Night, we carried out a survey which revealed a third of parents and grandparents have witnessed an injury during bonfire night celebrations and NHS statistics show that 4,506 people visited A&E from 2014-2015 for treatment of a firework-related injury.
Medics had to perform a skin graft on two-year-old Bella Davey-Lawrence.
Warning: some readers may find the images below graphic. A mother has released a shocking image of the burns her toddler
Some people can't resist the strong taste of coffee in the morning or the tender smell of a Yankee candle in the evening. We all come into contact with hot substances on a daily basis. However, it is estimated that over 121,000 people are seen by burns services and emergency departments each year...
After the experience of travelling solo to Thailand, my confidence has grown enormously. If one culture can accept me as a "normal" person, I have to make every other person treat me in the same way. I feel as though my confidence now shows people that my burns do not bother me, and therefore they shouldn't bother them.
No one could have anticipated Brookbank making such a speedy recovery after the horrific incident. "I guess I'm just lucky
When Yaasmeen Castanada took a friend’s antibiotics in November, she hoped it would offer relief from her flu-like symptoms
A seven-year-old boy who was badly burned in a city street has died in hospital, police said. Preston Flores was found "on
The young boy who was badly burned in a city street in an apparent "prank gone wrong" is fighting for his life, police said
A young boy is being treated for serious burns after reports that he was "on fire" in a city street. The seven-year-old was
A carpet cleaner has received an out-of-court settlement after claiming a 99p Store shower gel burned his penis and testicles
A three-year-old girl who once played the part of a baby in Emmerdale has died of severe burns. Sophie Firth was taken to
Researchers have created a dissolvable oral strip to instantly relieve burns from hot coffee or food. The strip can "immediately
It’s not been a great week for beauty and hair lovers, as health experts have warned of the potential dangers of the UK’s