Offering a professional platform to exalt modest fashion designers in London was no coincidence. Organiser of LMFW, Franka Soeria said, "London is one of the trendiest places for modest fashion" in the West with a large supportive community.
The Dutch parliament has voted to ban the niqab in certain parts.
Let's be clear: wearing a niqab is not regarded as a religious requirement by the vast majority of Muslims. Even in President Rouhani's Iran, women do not cover their faces. It is a cultural tradition with its origins in the Arabian peninsula, exported by preachers who follow the teachings of wahhabism.
While laying out his foreign policy vision, US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump managed to offend Muslims and women in one
Many Muslim women argue that they choose to wear the burqa of their own accord in order for them to be appreciated and judged by their intellectual merits rather than their physical appearance. This, I consider to be an brilliant idea, but again, I can never shake the idea of why the burqa came to be used in the first place.
For many the face veil is a symbol of the oppression of women, for others it is a question of religious observance. In court however the question is fairly straight forward: How to achieve a fair trial for both the prosecution and the defence? Judges have to enable witnesses to give their best evidence and juries need to be able to assess those witnesses properly, not from behind fabric.
Politicians do a disservice to the public to pretend otherwise. It is possible to celebrate difference while encouraging cohesion, but that is not by - out of fear or misplaced respect - ignoring the symbols that divide. It is possible to laud tolerance while criticizing those (flag-wavers?) who undermine it.
A senior Belgium diplomat has been arrested for taking off the full-face veil of a Qatari princess after she asked him for
Clearly determined not to learn her lesson, Katie Hopkins has continued her tirade against Islam, this time writing in her
Next time you see me at a party wearing a Katy Perry-esque Geisha dress and Pharelle-style headdress, spare me the sanctimonious cultural appropriation lecture about being insulting to the Japanese and Native Americans, but by all means, take the piss out of me for dressing like a tit.