Bus driver

Kofi Opoku's death comes after HuffPost UK revealed London bus drivers are being “forced” to breach capacity limits.
London mayor Sadiq Khan told HuffPost UK he was aware of the issue and that operators had been warned by TfL not to flout the rules.
Two "overworked" bus drivers reveal "disgusting" working practices that "put public safety at risk", four years after the crash deaths of Rowan Fitzgerald, 7, and Dora Hancox, 76.
A Milwaukee bus driver in the US was driving along when she spotted a baby walking alone at the side of the road. This CCTV recording shows the moment Irena Ivic stopped to pick up the little one. The girl had been left by her mother who suffers from mental illness and she’s now been returned to her father.
Marcia Carty has been working for company Metroline for 11 years.
“It’s clearly despicable,” said an attorney for the girl’s family.
An argument between a Manchester man and bus driver in a Manchester suburb is the most Manchester thing to happen since the
A kind-hearted bus driver is being hailed a hero after halting his vehicle to get out and go to the aid of a crying child
Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has gifted $10,000 (£6,200) to bus driver Darnell Barton who coaxed a suicidal woman
A "brave" pensioner has been praised by police after he grabbed the wheel of a bus after its driver passed out. Alfred Throop