Business case

A new study demonstrates how remanufacturing within a circular economy delivers a wide range of benefits for society and
Is this something that could benefit you or your organisation? As I learnt on my retreat - don't do it because you read somewhere it's a good idea, or someone told you its good - do it because it works and the only way to determine that is to give it a fair trial as they have within the government.
In the current climate, 'going green' might not be at the top of most company 'to do' lists. Times are tough and there are numerous economic headwinds keeping us busy. So, am I wasting my time writing a blog post calling on companies to build sustainability into their business plans? Definitely not and here's why. In 2007 we set aside a massive £200 million for a five year project called Plan A (because there is no Plan B for the one planet we have), a sustainability programme that pledged to transform M&S by changing the way it did business.
"The biggest challenge in sustainability is engaging people and delivering the necessary behavioural change. This is all