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Ah, it's that tax return time of year, rolling round once more. Hands up if you have been studiously avoiding completing your accounts and submitting your return?
Choosing is always related to the future. It comes from inside, from your imagination. You create a possibility out of your passion to experience a bigger and better future--usually in terms of having greater freedom with your time, money, relationships, and purpose.
A recent study by Robert Half UK, revealed that nearly a third of UK HR directors cite 'inability to balance personal and professional commitments' as the primary reason for employee burnout. Could the new UK government legislation offering flexible working rights for all help make a difference?
It may never be possible to iron out every scoundrel with wayward principles, but using values as the basis for learning and development could ultimately count for much more than a few thousand quid on swindled expenses.
Growing an online business is such a rewarding experience. Creating online coaching and training programmes is a brilliant way to make a living.
I've lost count of the number of times I've heard this complaint when I've been working with ladies who are creating online coaching programmes. I don't like the sound of my voice, I sound odd/weird, I've got a funny accent, no-one will understand me, I'm too nasal, I speak too quickly, blah, blah, blah!
Nearly every week among my clients the topic comes up of running several businesses at the same time, so I know it's a big
I had a moment today when a friend of mine asked me to introduce her to someone via Linked In. I had never even heard of
I was recently speaking with a client who had a huge elephant in the middle of her marriage. They had financial problems and it gotten to the place where all they felt was anger and blame and guilt.
Who hasn't yet experienced it: you have a more or less complex problem and are literally, well ... stuck! Thoughts turn in paralyzing circles - around the problem. This condition is often called problem trance or problem hypnosis.