Business for Britain

Winston Churchill, who let's remember was one of the first to have a vision of a united Europe, once reputedly said "if Britain should have to choose between Europe and the open sea, she should always choose the open sea". I get it. But we don't have to choose. Thanks to David Cameron we can stay in a reformed EU that works for us and help shape the future of our continent for the benefit of generations to come.
It's always a controversial topic, but last night Lord Digby Jones, the former head of the CBI and former trade minister, navigated the tricky stretch of water between the UK and Europe in a speech under the scrutiny of an audience whose views of Europe most likely ranged from 'sceptic' to 'phile'...
David Cameron should avoid negotiating with his European partners "through a megaphone" and be ready to make concessions
The prime minister may be taking to heart president Theodore Roosevelt's advice to conduct diplomacy by speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Unnoticed by either his own members of Parliament and let alone the media, is the fact that following the Juncker debacle, Britain has bagged three significant successes over the summer...
To those who say there is no changing the EU, I say that's complete and utter rubbish. We need to try, and in the current political and economic atmosphere, we've got every chance of success.
Regulations brought in under the latest European Union treaty have cost British businesses more than £12 billion, the cross
Business for Britain doesn't want to leave the EU, but we do want some simple and achievable changes made that would help businesses to compete in the new high-growth areas of the world like South America and South-East Asia. The British Option would do that, and without undermining the Single Market.
Political predictions are always a dangerous game. But personalising them or, even worse, threatening to do something drastic if x doesn't happen, risks turning a prediction into an endless source of mockery.
On Friday last week, Business for Britain - the campaign for a better deal with the EU backed by over 750 leading British business people - released details of the largest and most comprehensive poll yet conducted of UK business opinion on our relationship with Brussels.
When business succeeds, everyone in the country feels the benefit: more jobs, more trade and a more buoyant and prosperous economy. Yesterday over 500 business leaders said that they wanted a better deal from the EU. There are many thousands more who agree.