business leaders

When we think of those who are behind the heinous crime of modern slavery, we imagine ruthless criminals - traffickers who manipulate, abuse and exploit their victims; slave masters who withhold wages while forcing employers to work in inconceivable conditions. This is an accurate picture. But we must keep in mind that business leaders, unaware though they may be, often play a part.
The Labour Party under Ed Miliband and his most un-super sidekick Ed Balls are completely anti-business, a fact that has been demonstrated time and again with policies that treat UK PLC as a tax cash cow, that never needs feeding... So it's no wonder that business leaders across the country are not prepared to stand by and listen to this bunch of liars trying to pass themselves off as having great support from industry.
"It was business wot won it!" That was David Cameron's message last night at the Business Leaders' Reception at Number 10, although they may not have been the exact words used by the Prime Minister. He did however make it clear that when he moved into Downing Street four years ago, the entire place, and I mean the country, not the residence, were in pretty bad shape. And there was no money to fix it.
Or do you? Several start-up businesses recently told me that they have enough 'traditional interest' to grow their companies
We wouldn't train for a marathon for 12 hours a day as we know it's not physically good for us, so why do we do this to our brains? With the majority of people spending more time at work than with their family and friends, it is important for a worker's mindset that the right balance is created between work and life.
Great leaders may possess a myriad of attributes, not least of which are intelligence, charisma and natural charm. All of these things matter. However you can be a great leader and not be naturally charming or very intelligent, or many of the other qualities credited to a leader.
The "default" traditional university route taken by most teenagers is not enough to provide all the degree-level skills required
Trust - or the lack of it - is a hot topic at the moment, brought into the spotlight by a number of high-profile failures in public confidence. Banks and politicians are the main target of our growing despondency.
It's happening more and more, there are women who want to partner, who want to put the word out, who want to get their businesses to move further; and they are wisely using The Collaborative Economy™ to be able to Leverage Strategic Alliances™ and strategic relationships in finding ways to help one another".
Virgin's Sir Richard Branson has been voted Britain's Most Inspirational Business Leader, followed closely by Bill Gates