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So why are Millennial women a point of attraction for investment? Only because they're born in the capital of fashion: the dream shopping destination for all consumers with a soft spot for designer wear.
Looming before business organisations is an opportunity in disguise: dark data. With specialist skills, it can be captured in a readable, scalable format and increase productivity and customer loyalty, giving you a competitive advantage.
In the past, most CIOs would have had a number of technical staff in their teams dedicated to 'keeping the lights on' existing and legacy infrastructure. As they move to a model through which their organisation is purchasing IT services from a third party through the cloud, the demand for that kind of technical skillset will inevitably decline.
February 2014 will 'seduce, satisfy and serve' you - surprisingly, the verbs promised by no male. Prepare to meet Porter, a clean-cut, 300-page publication and an anticipated addition to Natalie Massenet's, founder, of Net-A-Porter's growing narrative.
Working environments have become more pressurised. With obtaining and retaining business now incredibly competitive, clients are becoming ever more demanding for their cash. However increased workloads in conjunction with reduced response times (further exacerbated since e-mail went mobile) means that employees are rarely given the necessary freedom to produce their best work. Overall, whilst the advertising industry naturally holds innovation and creativity as paramount importance, client pressures typically prevent such a culture from being entrenched into working life, and is instead an all too often an unfamiliar luxury. But what's being done and how can we all make room to be more creative?
How much time do you spend on managing your 'personal brand'? What others think and say about you is vital to anyone's success in business or in their career. It's not simply about whether people speak positively about you, or otherwise; it's the context in which they speak about you and your strengths.
Freddie Ossberg, Founder and CEO of Raconteur Media and winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010, gives tips on putting
By keeping these core elements at the heart of a social media strategy, businesses ensure that even in the worst case scenario, there is often scope for a level of engagement with their desired audience.
A business's success isn't determined by its strategy, it's determined by what it actually does - products, service, markets, prices etc. - so for organisations that fall into this meaningless strategy trap the resulting lack of action is a major problem.
There's a huge opportunity for Brits to catch up with their American and French counterparts in the creativity stakes, and such an untapped resource could prove hugely beneficial to brands when it comes to competing on the world stage.