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In today's fast paced market, things are changing at rapid speed, with hundreds of product choices available at the touch
My question to you today is, If you were to go through the stories that have made up your experience, what genre would you classify each of them as and is that classification helpful to you?
Last week, in honor of Global Women Entrepreneurship Day, I took part in a panel discussion celebrating female entrepreneurial success stories in the Copenhagen UN headquarters.
In all of the these examples I have learnt as a leader to have a 'balanced view' which often means talking to team members, subject matter experts, mentors to help me gain a wider perspective on an issue. Working as a leader of an organisation and succeeding in business is rarely done as a 'solo' journey, surrounding yourself with good people always seems to work!
The world is filled with young talented people who dream of making it in fashion. They want to be the next star designer like Alexander McQueen or the next star stylist such as Micaela Erlanger and dress fabulous celebrities. With the best will in the world, fashion school cannot teach you all the skills you need to be successful. Here is what you won't learn....but what you will need.
I was recently asked by a reporter whether these programmes demonstrate how ruthless we need to be to get on in business. Certainly not. To achieve success we need to have a spiritual attitude and that doesn't mean being soft and fluffy.
The controversial new movie Wolf of Wall Street is hitting UK cinemas, a three-hour financial romp that depicts the rise
Like everyone else, entrepreneurs often use the new year as an opportunity to take stock, set resolutions, and create a vision of what they'd like the next year to look like. If, however, you're finding it a bit difficult to create a vision and set goals for 2014 that truly excite you, you may be facing one of a couple of unique challenges...
Over the years, we've found that failed leaders can be an invaluable source of information on what NOT to do. We've also noticed that these leaders share far too many traits, which successfully undermine their position and future.
How did David Beckham become such a successful global icon? And why aren't more British brands as successful as he is? You