business success

Remember trying to learn how to count to a hundred when you were a kid? What about learning to drive? Do you remember the satisfaction and pride you felt after you mastered these skills? We all want to learn new skills, whether it be a technical skill or just something interesting to study, people feel a certain sense of satisfaction when learning something new. Learning is a part of personal development; every time you learn something new, you get a bit closer to reaching your full potential.
If you run an agency, I would urge you get in touch with your feminine side and give your new business process a sex change before it's too late.
One of the great myths of business (and cheesy old game shows) is that opportunity knocks. Opportunity does not knock on your door, you have to bang on the door yourself and keep knocking until you get in.
The biggest problem facing large organisations today is not a lack of desire to change but a lack of know-how. It stems from a fundamental leadership issue: the wrong types of people have been left in charge.