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In the past, there have been countless businesses that have disintegrated as a result of toxic, uncooperative or silent relationships between those running the company and the investors backing them financially - and, in truth, no entrepreneur wants that on their CV.
Many, well-known companies are already employing automated decision-making systems. However, few of those systems can provide either reasoning for the decisions they make, or records of those decisions alongside the reason
Whilst virtual team working suited everybody better in terms of the work/life balance we did not the mechanisms in place to work together virtually - we lost our mojo. During this time some of our best people left and I ended up buying out my business partner, our sense of connection, shared purpose and ability to address issues as a team had faded.
With backing from billionaire entrepreneur Lord Ashcroft and an influential board of advisers that features the CEO of YouGov, Flooved seems destined for success. Founded by Hamish Brocklebank and Nicholas Philippe...
The household internet names like Google, Facebook and Twitter weren't born with silver spoons in their catered lunch lines. In fact, each one of them was a tiny, budding startup at one wobbly point. The path to glory wasn't entirely clear, but the long nights spent grinding were enjoyable --- and eventually lucrative.
Flexible working - working at times and locations that suit both the individual and the company - is nothing new. But many companies are still uncertain about taking the plunge and adopting such new ways of working, especially without being able to prove the benefits.