Life here is pretty tough with very few real jobs so most people seem to be in business. I wonder if my advice would be at all relevant? Probably not, in a subsistence economy there is no need to remind people to...
There is no question that the roll call of new female entrants to the Lords - including former Google and Facebook executive Joanna Shields and chair of CBI Scotland Nosheena Mobarik - is impressive.
In describing mumpreneurs as the "pin-money posse" the Daily Mail article defined mumpreneurship as being something that people dabble in - a kind of play business where the reward is pocket money for new shoes.
If only MP Jo Swinson had spotted Mamma On The Move before standing up up Prime Minister's Questions last week. The online
Nancy Cruickshank has been described as a ‘serial entrepreneur’, which is shorthand for a woman who knows how to start up
Maxine Hargreaves-Adams is one of those seemingly impossible women - the type you regularly see on power women lists - utterly
Megha Mittal is part of the Lakshmi Mittal dynasty - he's Britain's richest man - and is married to his son Aditya. In 2009
Ambition may have different emphases for women, but regardless of gender, there is sense of discontented ambition to be observed in my generation, a force that is more ambiguous than a plan for our lives.