When it comes to the housing market, London has long been seen as a market within a market. After the credit crunch hit, and house prices across the country headed south, desire to buy within the capital remained robust. In seemingly no time at all, house prices within London had not only recovered but surpassed its previous peaks.
Today sees the much talked about and much vaunted buy-to-let reforms kick in across the UK. What exactly does this mean? The
The five things you need to know on Wednesday March 30, 2016… Paul is on holiday. So this morning's WaughZone is written
Last week's budget announcement was peppered with George Osborne's new catchphrase - long-term solutions to long-term problems are needed, he repeatedly said.
Since the Budget in July - where the Chancellor proposed to restrict mortgage interest relief for individual residential
Owning a buy-to-let property can be a great way to add another asset to your portfolio. Buy-to-let owners Nigel and Anna
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From the budget, to the area and the home itself: here are the key questions property investors must ask themselves. One
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The property market needs investor activity and any initiatives that make a difference should be welcomed. The only sting in the ointment is the number of properties coming to the market. Is there going to be enough to go around?
Interest rates will have to go up eventually, forcing people to sell when their monthly payments become unaffordable. Will the house of cards come tumbling down then? Or will London just be a sea of billionaires here for annual holidays in their London homes? Like Venice on a larger scale, a relic, empty of its original inhabitants.
Annuity. It's one of those dull financial terms designed to confuse and frighten people into giving their money to bankers to make the scariness go away. However, with George Osborne's budget speech focusing on reforming the pension system, annuities have been driven to the forefront of the news agenda and could alter the way we view finances leading up to retirement...
London's property market may be so overheated that gardens now sell for £50,000, but a landlord can make a tidy sum buying
It's clear the Government is trying to get to the root of the issue - immigrants need accommodation, so go to the source - but there are several problems with this proposal.