buying a house

One reader said the delay was a “gut punch”, while others have been ghosted by estate agents.
You could bag a bargain in today’s uncertain market.
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One in 10 people only view one property before taking the plunge.
There's a need for us millennials to feel as if we’re caring for something other than ourselves at a time where making major life choices has to come later and later
'It doesn't have an oven but it does have this beautiful window.'
11. Making the obvious comparisons.  14. And if the estate agents don’t push you to your limits, they know someone else who
Not that the sellers are the problem here. Steve and his family found a house to buy and had an offer accepted within 2 weeks of seeing us. Also, their buyer soon moved out of the house in to his parents so as to not hold up arrangements. The problem now, is solicitors.
Owning a home of one's own might not be everyone's dream, but increasingly, it feels like this kind of lifestyle, that of being a homeowner, one middle-class people once took more or less for granted is nothing but, for many people.
If you spend your life focussing on an end goal or set of end goals, with tight timescales, you're setting yourself up to either fail (because who on earth can hope to hit every goal) or miss out on an awful lot by racing to the finish.