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It's an interesting development in the ongoing transformation of the publishing industry, and one that results from a couple of media's biggest trends. First, there's the increasing appetite for video, and second, there's the migration of audiences from owned and operated sites to social networks.
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You may have seen BuzzFeed assaulting your Facebook News Feed left, right and centre with videos titled "Questions Americans
When you're the guy in the group who doesn't really like sports, you can feel a bit left out at times like these, when there's
Has someone given you a selfie stick you didn't want and it's just lying around gathering dust? Have no fear! This video
Kim Kardashian has said some strange stuff in her time. From well thought out theories on posing, to peeing all over her
Looking for love in all the nerdy places? We've got exactly what you need with this excessively pun-filled video of the 21