Eric Pickles may have been the butt of a mean fat joke in George Osborne's spending review - but the Local Government minister
George Osborne has explained why the burger he was pictured eating came from a posh gourmet diner - because 'McDonalds doesn't
Not for the first time, I have been tempted to compare myself negatively to Lord Byron. Like a large proportion of the young men of his time and class, the Romantic lothario spent the years 1809 to 1811 on a Grand Tour of Europe, absorbing the cultural, artistic and military history of tourist hotspots from Spain to Albania.
How would you explain Britishness? If we were introducing a foreign ambassador to Britannia with no prior knowledge of her, save for the embarrassing 'ums' and 'ahs' of Mr Bean and Hugh Grant, we would surely draw on a few comfortable self-induced stereotypes.