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Many thanks to the Prime Minister for taking modern slavery seriously and funding our dedicated public sector; but exploitation will not stop without the help of the public. The Church is in the position of moral leadership which we should use both to inspire and also support all of those touched by this crime against our humanity.
I disagree with their decision and I disagree with the reasons they have given. I hope it's reversed. I don't believe the film will offend or upset audiences, in the way they mean, and I don't believe it creates a new precedent. But from the point of view of global corporations and consumer culture, from the perspective of the gods and spirits of the age, there are very good reasons indeed to ban the Lord's Prayer from cinemas and from culture and from public life...
Today at BP's AGM investors passed a resolution requiring the company to dramatically change its reporting to shareholders on climate change. This is the first time in the UK that a major group of institutional investors has filed a shareholder resolution on an environmental issue. It is the first time that such a resolution has been approved by a company's investors.
A bishop has said the Church of England "failed big time" over child protection as the General Synod formally apologised
A new campaign launched in an attempt to end schools selecting pupils based on their faith has provoked strong, passionate
I understand that, for some, exposing their children to the non-Jewish community is unacceptable but outlawing them will help no one. Welcoming them as part of the rich variety of our society is a responsibility for those who believe in a tolerant, welcoming community.
Church of England priests have been told to provide "accommodations" for gay couples in a new report. This will include "prayer
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has apologised to a woman whose complaint of abuse was not taken seriously by
Dr Rowan Williams has attended his last service as the Archbishop of Canterbury at the city's cathedral, before he leaves
The next Archbishop of Canterbury has insisted that women will eventually be ordained as bishops despite the change being