Any show starting past 10pm comes with an unwritten warning: may contain scenes of an adult nature. Theatre's post-watershed playground of the moment is the London Wonderground- a riverside funfair of sequins and feathers showcasing the capital's best wonders and curiosities; a throwback to a world where the ringmaster ruled and showgirls shimmied round red and gold lusciously adorned tents.
There comes a time in any artistic process when the rules of time no longer apply, when everything seems to be taking twice as long as it should, or wraps up in half the time expected.
There are plenty of political comedians out there. And there are plenty of cabaret ones, too. But the fiendishly talented
Between the debauched home life, the two-shows-a-day and the new experience of touring with people who miss press events to watch football matches, this Fringe may be my messiest month yet. I've performed 4 shows so far out of a total 43 and honestly? I'm exhausted already. I'll be keeping you posted here on my descent into ill health and madness. Wish me luck.
Riverdance alumni Suzanne and Peter - aka Up & Over It - bring their own brand of dance and physical theatre for the post
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe can make a man commit to doing strange and terrifying things...
Source: Barcroft Media A raunchy cabaret star is hoping to finally lose her virginity – at the grand old age of 70. Pensioner
Twenty-four hours ago I was a naïve child: I knew nothing of the domestic storage world, nothing of the joys of effective food preservation... in short, compressible Tupperware was yet to touch not only my hands, but my very soul. Such was the selling prowess and stage authority of Dixie and her Tupperware Party.
Who: Rose McGowan (actress) What: A BEAUTIFUL figure-hugging pixel print dress by Preen (try saying that really fast!) Where