So the votes are counted and the results are in. Corbyn and May have been dissected by sharper minds than ours. We're not
“Turns out Trump isn’t Julius Caesar, he’s King Lear.”
The President says he made the changes "in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness", according to a statement.
But there are some silver linings: Here are the ministers who may actually do a good job.
President Jacob Zuma has announced that he will be making a special announcement late on Thursday night, "relating to changes to the National Executive".
Insiders say 12 ministers are threatening to resign and fight for Zuma's removal if he sacks the finance minister.
The minister of finance knows his job hangs in the balance, but he's not going down without a fight.
Mr. President as a concerned citizen of South Africa I have scribbled some names on my napkin for you to consider for a dream team cabinet.
Bad behaviour infringes on the rights of all citizens, it says.
Watch the political appointments, the nuclear deal and possibly action against the banks.
The fracturing of a clique. Any teenager knows what that means. Sitting alone at the lunch table. A few exclamation-marks littered tweets. Taylor Swift writes about it beautifully in Bad Blood, which should practically be mandatory listening for any teenager dealing with a broken friendship group.
Yesterday Republic revealed that Prince Charles is sent highly confidential Cabinet papers as a matter of routine, in contravention of the government's own rules.
This morning's cabinet meeting came with an unexpected present for every member - a free bottle of ale. Eric Pickles shared
Dear Prime Minister Dear Prime Minister Who Hired Me To Make Himself Look Good For some weeks, in meeting and discussion
We round up the highlights of David Cameron's purge of middle-aged white men...
In a recent interview in the Observer, Vince Cable admitted that he '[doesn't] understand why people need a million quid a year'. He isn't the first to question the growing divide between rich and poor, but he is one of the most high-profile politicians to do so in recent times...
David Cameron will take his cabinet to Scotland tomorrow to highlight the importance to Scotland's oil industry of staying
Britain is not like the United States. If the prime minister dies or becomes incapacitated there is not a clear constitutional
Farron isn't convinced. "In the general election, you wouldn’t give [Ukip] a [TV debate] platform.. I mean the BNP were on
The Prime Minister's notes show the thinking behind his reshuffle decisions... (Made for HuffPost UK Comedy by David Schneider