Caesarean section

A pregnant mentally-ill woman could be forced to have a caesarean section after a High Curt judge gave doctors permission
An Italian woman, now named as Alessandra Pacchieri, who had her baby removed after she suffered a mental breakdown on a
Court documents have shed vital new light on the tragic case of an Italian mother who was sedated, given a c-section and
An MP has contacted the Italian embassy over the case of a pregnant woman whose baby was reportedly forcibly removed by caesarean
Human rights campaigners say the case of an enforced caesarean section on a pregnant Italian woman sounds like "dystopian
Royal baby Prince George may have been described as “a big boy and quite heavy” by his parents, but he’s a tiddler compared
A photograph of a baby reaching out of her mother's womb as she was being delivered by Caesarean section has gone viral. Baby
Horrific abuse in childbirth happens every day in developing nations where women and their babies are often denied access to life-saving obstetric care. In fact, we intend to focus on this in a future film.
Babies born by Caesarean are twice as likely to be obese later in life, claims new research. According to the Archive of
Pregnant women are spending more time in labour now than 50 years ago, a recent study has discovered. The research by the