When I ended up having an emergency caesarean it kind of took me by surprise. Mentally I had prepared myself for pushing my baby out but hadn't really given the ins and outs of a C-Section much thought. I kind of thought that if I needed one so be it. There was nothing much I could plan for. I was wrong.
Hospitals may prefer to have women - mothers and midwives - under their control. Guess what: women lacking control have more pain during labour and overworked midwives lacking control have more days off sick with stress - and so the cycle goes on - fewer midwives spread ever more thinly until the maternity services are at breaking point and the mortality rates go up.
I really believe that if midwives are able to to really make sure that women understand what their choices mean for them and their baby -- the risks and benefits -- then far fewer women will choose elective caesareans.
Perhaps if caesareans had been offered when they were needed over the last few years instead of hospitals making decisions to protect their targets and not their patients then today's news may not even have been necessary.