calais migrants

Warning: This article contains images and details which some may find distressing Migrants living in the Calais 'Jungle' are
How easily could you be persuaded to murder someone? Derren Brown has just demonstrated how it could be achieved within a
Let's face it, it's a bit of a shit time for everyone: hijabi, non-hijabi, Muslim, non-Muslim alike. Everyone feels like they have to look over their shoulder for fear of some kind of knife-wielding, tube-pushing, bomb-blowing attack. We are living on the edge of social anxiety.
Thousands are calling for the Government to intervene to help a British ex-soldier who is facing a jail term of up to five
The most depressing theme park in Britain will be dismantled and sent to Calais to build shelters for refugees, Banksy has
Home Office plans to pay for Calais migrants to be flown back to their home countries as part of Britain's £7 million deal
A controversial decision to broadcast an episode of the BBC's Songs of Praise from a migrant camp in Calais known as the
The mention of the phrase 'Calais jungle' conjures up images of barbed wire fences, threatening people with knives, petty
A man who allegedly threatened a Ukip MEP with a gun at Dunkirk was actually the suspected ringleader of a British criminal
The public is being fed a constant diet of hyperbole about hordes of dangerous criminals roaming the Channel Tunnel, assaulting British citizens and storming Britain's borders. A mood of anxiety and hostility risks creeping over the public, with growing demands for the UK to close its borders and weed out 'illegal' immigrants from British life. But behind this rhetoric is a very different reality, and it's that reality that we will be confronting today as we visit the 'jungle' camp in Calais.