Reza Pankhurst's latest work doesn't have the poetic endurance of Shakespeare but its central premise is concerned with the dilemma so eloquently posed by the master playwright in Hamlet. The tragedy of the Danish prince that has endured as a fictional masterpiece of English drama has played out in the Muslim conscious for nigh on a hundred years.
Nigeria's Boko Haram have become the second Islamist militant group in just two months to declare a "caliphate", in a video
If ISIS want Muslims to take their call to allegiance seriously, they should begin by protecting the rights of the weakest in their societies - the religious minorities... Despite ISIS' grand claims, almost every Islamic religious authority has dismissed their legitimacy to the Caliphate.
It is not our role to discuss how best to bring peace, but it is up to us to address the impact of the conflict on civilians and their humanitarian needs. The need to scale up assistance is great and urgent. Access will become increasingly difficult in some areas - already aid agencies have to negotiate to reach people in need on a daily basis. More supplies are desperately needed in order to support ever-growing numbers of displaced people. Iraqi Red Crescent and ICRC volunteers and staff must be able to deliver assistance safely. Let there be no doubt that the crisis in Iraq has developed into a humanitarian one - and that addressing it is what the term humanitarian means.
This Syrian rebel leader seems to be a fan of Hello Kitty SEE ALSO: There's Nothing Islamic About The ISIS Caliphate, Writes
Terror group ISIS will march on Rome in its quest to establish an Islamic state from the Middle East across Europe, its self
An image from jihadist Twitter shows ISIS militants as a bulldozer cuts a road through the Syrian-Iraqi border London School
Al-Baghdadi and his group of extremists--ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham)--have declared the establishment of a
The five things you need to know on Monday 30 June 2014... 1) JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER? HE'S MY BEST MATE Dave isn't going to
Radical jihadists ISIS have declared a new Islamic caliphate on territory it own across Iraq and Syria, as the splinter groups