Here are a few tips for chocolate lovers who want to stay healthy while they indulge on dessert.
Whether you're at rest, work or play, your body is constantly using calories to provide itself with the energy it needs to not only perform but also survive. Calories are used to keep your heart beating, lungs breathing and brain thinking. Without sufficient calories your body would cease to function.
During Sugar Awareness Week 2017 (30th October - 5th November) we are urging retailers to sell high sugar products responsibly, that is, not as part of price promotions such as meal deals.
Adults are consuming 200-300 more calories than they should every day.
Calories in popular foods could soon be reduced as part of the Government’s plan to tackle obesity.  Public Health England
However, there is an inordinate amount of information out there on how we need to be taking care of ourselves and sometimes it can be conflicting and confusing. How do we know what's healthy for us? So with that in mind, here are some health mistakes that are commonly made and very easily rectified.
Myth-busting and uncovering the truth about food is part of a day's work for a dietitian. From the latest celebrity diet, to the supposed miracle approaches of the latest nutritional 'guru'; some myths are easily explained, others more insidious and seem to return like a nasty bout of flu circulating.
But this isn't just by the media, certain presidents, and internet trolls. The calorie model leads to a lot of self-deprecation. We tell ourselves that we just can't control ourselves, that we deserve to feel inferior and down about how we look, all because of the mindset surrounding weight and calories.
Cutting the calories really can help you live longer, according to researchers.  A study found that reducing calorie consumption