Cameron Diaz

I hope there never comes a time when my daughter suffers from self doubt due to her appearance or feels the need to surgically 'enhance' her incredibly perfect self. There is much more pressure in the world she's growing up in than I had to deal with, and I will do what I can to equip her to have confidence in herself, as she is
Cameron Diaz is back on the big screen in 'The Other Woman' and at 41-years-old Cam still gives her younger co-star, US model
Cameron Diaz has revealed that she has had sexual relationships with women as well as men. The actress made the revelation
In another film to take its title from a song (Nina Simone, in case you were wondering), Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann join forces to take revenge on the man who has wronged them both.
Cameron Diaz has denied ever claiming that she thought women should have multiple partners rather than one monogamous relationship
Cameron Diaz and her 'The Other Woman' co-stars have become the latest A-listers to prove they have ANOTHER skill up their
'The Other Woman' star Cameron Diaz has opened up about her thoughts on motherhood, stating that if she had ever wanted children
‘The Other Woman’ sees three female stars - none other than Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann - share the spotlight
Cameron Diaz has revealed her thoughts on Hollywood’s portrayal of women over 30, telling Huff Post UK that it’s “absolutely
Kate Upton has been admired by men and women alike since finding fame, however the model has now revealed that she prefers
Cameron Diaz has said there was no rivalry between herself and Kate Upton on the set of their new film ‘The Other Woman’. During
Kate Upton has taken to her Twitter page to deny saying that she wishes she had smaller boobs. It was reported on Wednesday
Cameron Diaz has revealed that she doesn’t think monogamy is for her, and instead would rather have “lots of lovers”. The
Kate Upton might be well-known for her ample bosom, but the star has admitted she wishes her boobs were smaller. The bikini
Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton both pulled out all the stoppers at the London premiere of their new film 'The Other Woman'. They
Ever fancied seeing Cameron Diaz's Sex Tape? Well, it's on its way... into UK cinemas. The blonde bombshell stars with Jason
Cameron Diaz has dropped a bit of a bombshell, revealing that she has had the hots for other women. The ‘There’s Something
Nicki Minaj makes her acting debut in a newly unveiled scene from the forthcoming comedy 'The Other Woman'. In the short
I applaud Diaz for drawing a line in the sand and flipping the bird to anyone who expects her to cross it. Here's the thing though: we all need to draw that line in the sand. We all have a role to play in this anti-ageing crap and we need to stop buying into it. What do I mean? We need to stop whinging, whining and despairing about getting old. So it's at this point that I want to talk to you about my friend Emma.
A-listers aren't just famous for their hard work and talent - they're famous for winning the genetic lottery, they're famous for being in the right place at the right time, they're famous for the privileged starts they had, that allowed them to explore and hone what talent they had and make the necessary connections to get ahead in life.