Cami Li

Cami-Li’s colourful choice of language may have landed ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in trouble, after a record number of complaints
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It is often thought that absence makes the heart grow fonder and it looks like there may have been a part of Katie Hopkins that was delighted that her sparring partner had returned to the house to wreak more havoc in only the way that Perez Hilton can.
Perez Hilton Later, the group joked to Perez that they had all been suspicious about of his staged exit, apart from Nadia
Patsy Kensit has become the third housemate to be evicted from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house. SEE MORE: Katie Hopkins
The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house is beginning to get a little low on numbers, with another contestant due to get booted
Could it be though that he is just really proficient in unravelling the personalities of those there with him and with this ultimately being 'just a game show', is playing them for who they really are and showing the viewers a side of his housemates that they were hoping would not be revealed?
Four ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates have been nominated for the next eviction. MORE 'CBB': Katie Hopkins: 'I've Been
Alicia Douvall fumed at the rest of her housemates in Monday night’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, after finding out she’d been
Are we still in the Victorian era, when women had to pretend sex was endured as a wifely duty? It's 2015 and a woman is being ridiculed and slut-shamed for dually taking ownership of her sexuality and refusing to degrade herself by man-pleasing with a show of faux lesbianism. I think we should applaud her.