Camp Bastion

British troops have handed Camp Bastion over to Afghan forces - bringing to an end their bloody campaign in Helmand province
A top British army commander has reacted to disturbing pictures which appear to show at least one UK serviceman posing with
Pictures purportedly showing a British serviceman posing with a dead Taliban fighter have emerged via the website Live Leak
David Cameron said the country had paid a "very high price" after three soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack in
Three British soldiers have killed in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan. The soldiers, from The Royal Highland Fusiliers
Insurgents launched a rocket attack on Camp Bastion, the military base in Afghanistan which houses British troops. The heavily
Prince Harry “let himself and his family down” after pictures of him frolicking naked in Las Vegas emerged on the internet
Being "stuck in Bastion" was a common complaint for Prince Harry during his second deployment to Afghanistan. The 28-year
James Bond, a commander in the Royal Navy, found himself addressing members of a rival service during a visit to Camp Bastion
The Taliban has released a video which the group claims shows militants preparing to attack Camp Bastion, in what was to