Camp Bastion

How can a woman possibly be pregnant and not realise? It can be a strange combination of circumstances where a woman has
The baby boy born on the British Army base in Helmand Province should be called “Bastion”, a military expert has suggested
A British servicewoman has given birth to a baby boy while serving in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defence said the soldier
Prince Harry was moved to a guarded location during a recent Taliban attack on Camp Bastion, the Defence Secretary has revealed
The full scale of the Taliban attack on Camp Bastion became clear today as it emerged that 15 insurgents wearing US Army
Two British soldiers have been shot dead in Afghanistan by a man wearing the local Afghan police uniform, the Ministry of
Prince Harry should remain in Afghanistan despite a Taliban attack on Camp Bastion which killed two American soldiers, defence
Prince Harry was the primary target of an attack on Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, senior Taliban sources have said. The prince
An attack has been launched on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Injuries have been reported. The attack has reportedly targeted
Prince Harry was settling into daily life and the austere conditions at Camp Bastion on Friday. The setting here could hardly
A newlywed couple are enjoying a novel start to married life - with a honeymoon in Helmand. Squadron Leader Rachel and Lieutenant
An Afghan man who died after crashing a vehicle on the runway at Camp Bastion was working as an interpreter for the British
An Afghan man who crashed a stolen vehicle on the runway at Camp Bastion just as US defence secretary Leon Panetta arrived
David and Samantha Cameron were guests of honour at a glittering lunch hosted by Vice-President Joe Biden and Secretary of
David Cameron and Barack Obama have confirmed that British and American forces in Afghanistan will move to a "support role
UPDATE: The driver of the stolen vehicle that burst into flames on the runway of Camp Bastion has now died of his injuries
The head of the Armed Forces has insisted that Britain's military strategy in Afghanistan will not change despite the deaths
Next to my tent in Camp Bastion is the Vigil Ceremony Parade Ground, where those killed in action are remembered. Inscribed on the monument are the names of all the soldiers that have given their lives in Helmand. Carved into stone are these words: "When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today."
In October 2011, I closed down my world in a leafy provincial English town in and headed to Kabul, with the avowed intent to establish myself as an internationally recognised photojournalist. I decided to chronicle the experience of my day-to-day life in my online Kabul Diaries.
A freak dust storm ruined David Cameron’s Christmas photo-op with British troops in Afghanistan on Tuesday, but that is not