cancer charity

I describe myself as a cancer vixen. I use the word vixen because is sounds better than victim. Also, I have never seen myself as a victim. I am a proud survivor and I am grateful for that fact each and every day.
When a child has cancer, although there is only one patient, the family as a whole needs support. Jane understood that each family will have individual needs and that treating a child just like any other patient can make things harder rather than easier. But if you give a family the right support in the right places, and they trust you, then they can keep the strength to see light at the end of the tunnel.
Cancer. Probably not the best topic for a gag but to raise money to fight cancer? Well, that must be worth a few jokes. Which
Blues and rock musicians like this are a dying breed. The Wilko Johnson Band with Roger Daltrey on lead vocals is the sound of icons in their element, their musical flame still burning bright.
Living with cancer is a constant struggle. Patients have to try and adapt not only to the physical impact of the disease