cancer survival rates

A new report just published by Macmillan Cancer Support sheds new light on the large numbers of people living long-term with cancer but evidence has also come to light that the public may be being misled about our progress in beating cancer and that progress is almost certainly not as good as that implied by the much touted cancer survival statistics.
I am a typical NHS GP so let's start by getting something straight about the latest article in the national press about how useless I am at diagnosing cancer. No adult ever attends my surgery without a potential diagnosis of cancer being at the forefront of my mind. Every pain is cancer. Every cough is cancer. Every lump is cancer. Likewise every chest pain is a heart attack. Every childhood rash is meningitis. I defer to the worst case scenario for everyone and everything I see.
A greater public awareness of the symptoms to look out for is needed to help improve cancer survival rates in England. According
The number of children beating cancer has risen to more than eight in 10, figures show. In the last decade the number of
People with a persistent cough should see their GP early in case it is a sign of lung cancer, health chiefs said. Almost
An investigation is needed to see whether breast cancer care in the UK is up to international standards, experts have said
The cost of diagnosing and treating cancer patients may rise by nearly two thirds over the next decade, a report has found
The UK is lagging behind other countries on survival rates for breast, bowel and cervical cancer and has much higher hospital
New cancer statistics often make the headlines. Politicians use them consistently to either berate or praise the NHS. We compare ourselves against our European neighbours with them, and we seem to have an unending appetite for crunching numbers to contextualise this disease that so many people fear.