Cape Cod

The remains may include those of the famed pirate himself, Samuel 'Black Sam' Bellamy.
Officials warned that frigid temperatures would continue.
But NOAA manages to save 18 “cold-stunned” sea turtles in Texas.
Relatives and colleagues of four Britons who went missing when a yacht capsized in the mid-Atlantic Ocean have called for
Cape Cod's Provincetown may have a reputation as a summer-time party town, but there's still plenty to once winter comes around and the hordes of tourists have migrated to warmer climes.
The Icelandic industries have been leading the way in ethical whale watching. The good news is that whale-watching is starting to become a more-lucrative industry than its bloodthirsty cousin.
Had she been alive today, Jackie Kennedy would be well into her twilight years, but would doubtlessly still be touted as