Cape Town drought

Cape Town's drought has broken, and the city appears safe from Day Zero through 2019. But we are very far from being out of the woods regarding water...
It is through efforts like these that Cape Town has been able to so drastically reduce its water usage and forestall the threat of Day Zero.
April rainfall should tell us whether enough rain will fall this year to avoid Day Zero scenario in 2019, say UCT scientists.
Inequity and a lack of fairness and justice pervade water distribution.
Western Cape's agricultural output will fall and capital spending on water infrastructure will rise.
It is clear that the city of Cape Town and its 3.4-million residents are facing difficult circumstances.
Six of the projects will be feeding water into the system well ahead of the current Day Zero projection.
There are some painful months ahead for Capetonians.
It is imperative that we safeguard the local economy and the jobs that depend on it.
Day Zero is the day that taps will run dry for residents.