Cape Town water crisis

While seen as a "considerable achievement", consumption needs to be reduced even further.
And the weather services say their latest long-term predictions for rainfall in the area are hardly any better than guesswork.
Beware... Splash is coming for you (courtesy of the Department of Water and Sanitation)!
There are some painful months ahead for Capetonians.
It is imperative that we safeguard the local economy and the jobs that depend on it.
He said for his 50th birthday, on April 8, he will be celebrating the end of the drought in Cape Town.
Angus Buchan's call for prayer is not a problem. But his blaming the drought on Capetonians' supposed moral indigence is, and he will harm more than he helps.
The city needs to continue to welcome visitors, but also guide them towards spending time in less water-stressed areas.