The whole point of trick-or-treating, of course, is that children get candy ― free ― from friendly neighbors. 
Wants are a funny old thing, human beings all have something they want. You, me, a pauper or a billionaire- despite our differences in race, income or education- all have common ground in one thing, we all "want" something. This forms the premises of what economists call the basic economic problem, to sum it up in no more than a few words- Human wants are infinite, but resources are scarce.
So, an airline has collapsed in a world where we all seem to be enduring a very bumpy ride. It may come to symbolise more, as will the Grenfell fire tragedy and an apparent disregard for fundamental food safety. But one small lesson to start from might be that we cannot expect to keep delivering more for less money.
Jeremy Corbyn has made the Labour party more democratic - now he needs to take the next step to make the country's electoral system more representative of the nation's views. Our first past the post electoral system is not fit for purpose and its time we moved to some form of proportional representation.
To really change 'the unacceptable face of capitalism' the government should consider more fundamental reform. It needs to change incentive systems that reward CEOs who keep costs down and profits high through paying low wages, exploiting loopholes in tax laws to avoid paying their fair share, and ignoring the planet's natural limits.
He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have. --Socrates In our many
You can count on the South African capitalist class to fight RET to the bitter end.
I used to believe in "the system": the political and economic structure of what we might call western democracy and capitalism. I worked for it: for many years, I was a diplomat for my country. I resigned from government over the Iraq war. I began a political journey. I no longer believed in the system I represented. But what would work instead? To my great surprise, I came to think that anarchism is the answer.
South Africa is in a technical recession, unemployment figures are at record highs and the inequality gap is far from closing.