car crash

A woman who crashed her Mini Cooper into the back of a fish van was reportedly masturbating with a Rampant Rabbit-stylevibrator
Three men were killed when a double-decker coach, believed to be carrying university students, collided with a stationary
At least one person is understood to have died in a motorway pile-up involving 30 cars on the M40, on the same day that three
A customised 2000hp Lamborghini has been caught on camera losing control and crashing into a body of water by the folks at
A driver has uploaded footage of the terrifying moment he had a near miss with a huge lorry after it hit black ice on the
Police in Hungary have released harrowing footage from inside a £200,000 supercar as it crashed on a motorway. The Lamborghini
A man has walked away from a terrifying car crash with just cuts on his hands, despite being sandwiched between two huge
ABQ Ride in New Mexico has released dramatic video footage showing a collision between a pickup truck and a city bus. The
Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is recovering from two fractures in his lower back after a car accident near the
A man has died following a pile-up involving four lorries on the M25 motorway. The man, believed to have been a 39-year-old