Carbon dioxide

The Met Office said carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are set for one of the biggest annual increases in 2020.
Three scientists are attempting to better understand methane so that its prevalence in the atmosphere can be reduced. There has been a rise of methane levels in the last decade, and although it is less prevalent than CO2, it can be more destructive than carbon dioxide.
Prince Harry was asked about his use of private jets at the launch of an initiative to make travel more sustainable. Speaking from Amsterdam, the Duke of Sussex explained that “99% of the time” he travels on commercial flights, and offsets his carbon footprint. He said he only uses private jets when necessary for the safety of his family.
The Duke of Sussex says he spends “99% of my life travelling the world by commercial aircraft.”
The concentration of 414.7 parts per million may be the highest in human history.
A university is planting a tree for every single one of its new students who enrol in order to cancel out their carbon footprint
Deserts may come to the aid of humankind by helping to reduce global warming, say researchers. A new study has found that
The Amazon rainforest is the largest gathering of trees on the planet, covering 5,500,000 square kilometers. The area is vast, spread across nine countries: the majority in Brazil (60%), followed by 13% in Peru 10% in Colombia and other small variants in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.
Understanding the invisible dances taking place on tiny scales in nature has profound impacts for our everyday lives. For example, understanding the dances of cells, molecules, atoms, and electrons allows us to make strides developing important technologies in areas like medicine and mobile communications.
Five years ago the EU looked set to become the world leader in carbon capture and storage (CCS), a process which prevents carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere by storing it deep underground... Yet now, there is little to show for the initial enthusiasm.