carbon footprint

We cannot totally get rid of these carbon footprints since it serves a great role in our lifestyle especially those enjoying the comforts of city living... the best way action plan for us is to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. Here are 10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
As world governments collectively shrug their shoulders at the latest stark findings of the IPCC it is possible that the leaders in fighting global climate change are now a small group of multi-national companies including Unilever.
We are moving to an Energy 3.0 future where technological innovations in the digital age will allow consumers to become masters of their own energy. However, in the mean time to help achieve the UK targets there are a number of easy and unusual ways consumers can reduce their carbon footprint...
In the UK, 15 million plastic bottles are used every day, and, despite increasingly improving waste disposal services, 80% of these are not recycled. Everyday approximately one billion bottles and cans are dumped in parks, rivers oceans and landfill sites - almost 400 million of those in America alone.
As Rio hosts the Earth Summit's opening today, War on Want is joining forces with more than 100 civil society organisations to launch a campaign for world leaders to put the needs of people and the planet before the profits of big business.
The recent launch of the UK Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Competition and CCS Roadmap provides a much-needed shot in the arm to this exciting industry, both by financially and in displaying the UK government's commitment to this vital technology.
Those Apple stores are so beautiful. All pale and linear - clean clean clean. The irony is poignant. As we pointed out in our report, How Clean is your Cloud, Apple is in fact powering their iCloud with coal.
Corrie Nielsen's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection entitled Arbiter Elegantiarum is heavily inspired by Wildean Victoriana where she cleverly melds English tailoring with modernist Japanese aesthetics...But how carbon neutral can she remain as a business?
Renewed focus on the relationship between business, the consumer and water consumption emerged again last week in Stockholm