Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Disgraced Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien should stay away from Scotland, his sucessor has warned, after allegations of inappropriate
A disgraced former Cardinal blocked an inquiry into sexual abuse in the church, it has been revealed. The Catholic Church
Disgraced Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who admitted that his sexual conduct had "fallen beneath the standards" expected of him
Cardinal Keith O'Brien's temporary successor has told a congregation there is little doubt the credibility and moral authority
I don't want to join the queue of ill-wishers wagging fingers at Keith O'Brien, the fallen leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland. The poor man is surely experiencing that kind of hell on earth that only Catholic guilt can generate.
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has admitted that his sexual conduct had at times "fallen below the standards expected of me as a
Scotland's First Minister has spoken of his sadness at the resignation of Cardinal Keith O'Brien, whom he described as a
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has resigned to contest claims of inappropriate behaviour. Three priests and a former priest complained
Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric should be allowed to help choose the next Pope despite facing allegations of
Priests should be able to get married because they find celibacy "difficult", Britain's most senior Roman Catholic has said