Cardinal O'Brien

Calls for the reform of the Church from within have been ignored, if not actively silenced over the last 30 years or so. Only those who support a sort of mushrooming hierarchy of powerful prelates and dreadnaught Vatican dogma flourished under the dead-leaf papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
Cardinal Keith O'Brien's temporary successor has told a congregation there is little doubt the credibility and moral authority
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has admitted that his sexual conduct had at times "fallen below the standards expected of me as a
It's been another bumper week of Exciting Events and, therefore, a bumper week for Twitter funnies. In showbiz news, the
The Catholic Church has been engulfed in a new scandal following the discovery of thousands of priests trapped in a closet
The former Archbishop of Westminister has warned that the new Pope "will not be a saint, straight away" as the Vatican once
Cardinal Keith O'Brien has resigned to contest claims of inappropriate behaviour. Three priests and a former priest complained
The weirdest thing about my childhood was probably when Dad turned his back on the church and became a Pagan High Priest. I was taken aside and point-blank informed, "Alice, I'm a Pagan." My blood pumped faster as I anticipated being the focal point of a virgin sacrifice. This was not to pass.
I am a gay, Christian conservative. Quite a combination some might say. My faith, as well as my personal interest, compels me to support same-sex marriage. The Christian faith, at its core, preaches love, tolerance and freedom. Organised religion however is as much about power as it is about faith.
One well-established method to examine fundamental ethical questions is to pose imagined ethical dilemmas and discuss them